Practical Photography

Big News,I have had my first shot published.It will appear in the image workshop section of the May issue of Practical Photography, on sale from 21st April.
This shot was taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia using my first digital camera a Canon 400D with a Sigma 50-500mm F4 lens.It was taken at approximately 5.00pm which accounts for the beautiful golden light.It was part of a sequence of shots with the loose working title of "Reflections" Unfortunately, the breeze rippled the surface of the water-hole a spoilt a perfect reflection.
There has been minimal post production work done on this image.It has been cropped to give a more appealing composition, with the Impala walking into the shot and a lot of unnecessary detail removed. The saturation and brightness have been boasted slightly as the colours were a little flat when it came out of the camera.